Affiliate Disclosure

We use affiliate marketing to help cover the cost of running this website; spreading the word about Stories for Earth; purchasing books, movies, and more so we can talk about them on the podcast; and other operating costs. We only use affiliate links for media we were already planning to discuss—in no way do affiliate links influence what we discuss, recommend, or if we even discuss works from a particular medium more than others! If you have any questions not answered in this disclosure, please contact us. For more information about how you can support Stories for Earth, visit our Patreon page. affiliate program is a website founded by Andy Hunter and backed by the American Booksellers Association. The website lets consumers support independent bookstores across America by shopping online through affiliate pages on Bookshop’s website. Stories for Earth is a member of the Bookshop affiliate marketing program, so we earn a small commission—at no extra cost to you—when you buy a book on our affiliate page on using any of the links on our website

We value your personal privacy as much as we value our own, so we will always identify affiliate links on our site before you click on them. Affiliate links are denoted by “(affiliate)” beside every link. We can’t see any of your personal information if you make a purchase using one of our affiliate links—we can only see if a link was clicked and if it resulted in a purchase. All purchases made through are subject to their privacy policy and their terms of use. and sustainability

There are several different options out there when it comes to choosing a book affiliate marketing program, but we chose Bookshop because it supports independent bookstores and booksellers. Amazon also offers an affiliate marketing program for booksellers, but Bookshop’s commission for booksellers is nearly twice that of Amazon. This is more fair to both independent bookstores and book publishers, who also receive a portion of the profits from book sales.

Bookshop is still in its infancy, but when it officially launches, it will be a certified B-Corp. B Corporations exist for the public good and are “…required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment,” according to the B Corporation website. For more information about Bookshop, visit their About page.