An image of Nina Munteanu next to her novel, A Diary in the Age of Water.

Interview: Nina Munteanu, Author of “A Diary in the Age of Water”

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Nina Munteanu is a prolific and insightful Canadian science fiction writer who has published nine books, including her most recent novel A Diary in the Age of Water. This novel imagines a Canada in the not-so-distant-future where water is becoming increasingly scarce, partially because water sources are drying up and partially because the US and China are buying up water from all the recently privatized Canadian utilities.

As a limnologist—literally a fresh water scientist—it makes sense for Nina to be the one telling this story, and our conversation ranges from water shortages in the present day to Ray Bradbury to the need for a new paradigm for living.

“A Diary in the Age of Water” by Nina Munteanu

The book cover for A Diary in the Age of Water by Nina Munteanu.

About the author

A headshot of Nina Munteanu.

Nina Munteanu is a Canadian ecologist and SF, fantasy and eco-fiction writer. She has published eight novels and a dozen award-winning short stories translated into several languages. Her novels are mostly eco-fiction and thrillers that explore humanity’s tense co-evolution with technology and Nature.


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