Interview: Joel Burcat, Author of “Amid Rage”

A featured image showing a headshot of Joel Burcat next to the book cover of Amid Rage.

Back in January, I got a chance to speak with Joel Burcat, a retired environmental lawyer and an author of legal environmental thrillers. Joel’s latest novel, Amid Rage, was just published on Tuesday, and it follows the story of young environmental lawyer Mike Jacobs as he fights an intense legal battle with a rogue coal mining company.

I’ll be honest—legal thrillers are usually not my cup of tea. Taking a writing MasterClass from James Patterson several years ago is the closest I’ve come to reading a thriller of any kind. But I have to say, I really enjoyed Amid Rage. I think it’s good to read broadly and to read out of your comfort zone, so this was a great opportunity for me to do that. Plus, I got to talk about the book with the author himself, which was really cool.

Throughout our discussion, Joel repeatedly said that he wanted people to both enjoy the book and learn something. I certainly had that experience. Joel’s prose is engaging and fast-paced, and you can tell he’s spent his fair share of time in courtrooms. But beyond the legal aspect, I also learned a lot about what’s at stake in mining operations and what challenges environmental regulators face in trying to protect citizens and the environment.

We covered many topics in the hour or so that we talked, ranging from how Joel came to be a writer, how his decades working as an environmental lawyer influences what he writes, and how it’s important that we push for a just transition to clean energy so that we make sure people like coal miners can have dignified, good-paying jobs.

I hope you enjoy our interview, and be sure to pick up a copy of Amid Rage at one of the links below. Signed copies are available through Joel’s local bookstore, Midtown Scholar Books, and you’ll be supporting a local business when you purchase from them.

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