Stories for Earth Live: Sarah Holding, Author of “CHAMELEON”

A photo of author Sarah Holding next to her new novel CHAMELEON.

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Scientists know that Earth’s climate has changed throughout history, often over the course of thousands of years. And while this is sometimes a point of contention for climate deniers, young adult cli-fi author Sarah Holding chose to make one such period of past climate change the setting for her new novel CHAMELEON.

CHAMELEON tells the story of three genetically modified people—Kam, Mel, and Leon—as climate conditions quickly descend into chaos in the lost city of Atlantis. These three new “prototypes,” as they are called, are the first humans with blue eyes and the ability to shapeshift. To solve the climate crisis threatening to destroy Atlantis, they must learn to work together.

I had the chance to sit down with Sarah two weeks ago—socially distanced over Instagram Live, of course. I was curious about her new novel and what lessons we might learn from looking at a past chapter of history where humans, plants, and animals survived climate change.

Of course, the real danger with our modern climate crisis—human-caused global climate change—is that the climate is changing faster than it ever has before. Sarah and I talked about this, and we talked about the importance of looking to the past for encouragement in navigating today’s unique crisis.

If Instagram is your thing, you can watch part one of the conversation on IGTV here and part two here. Otherwise, you can watch via YouTube below and listen wherever you get podcasts (coming soon).

The book cover of CHAMELEON by Sarah Holding.

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